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Welcome everyone to Websites that Pay! I hope that you find this community to be a valuable resource as you embark on the journey of making money and winning fabulous prizes on the internet.

Any questions, comments, or concerns may be left at this post. Additionally, any suggestions for websites that you know of that you think I should check out may be left here. Comments will be screened and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, don't be shy to leave your thoughts, opinions, and experiences with the sites you have joined on that website's post. It will be valuable for the other members!

Thank you!


hey, you're right with this. the more i was thinking about it yesterday, the more i thought it wouldn't be possible, because i wouldn't even know of 3 people that i could maybe convince, and as you said, i also thought of that it really has to be a working pyramid with everyone getting atleast 3 people to sign up, and everyone would have to do it. you can't control that even 1 level down, and so it's almost bound to fail.

thanks for having such a clear mind and checking it out, it was a big help!
it's really a thing not to forget when looking at sites that pay, to keep the mind clear when looking at it!

ok, i was going to sign up at the resource-a-day site, but when getting to the confirming of the account, one has to enter the full name and address, and i don't like to give them my address. (whenever this happens, i pull back, cause i don't feel comfortable giving out my address)
so there ;)
but thanks for the offer!

and no worries, i'm totally an essay writer too, as you see, so we equal each other out.