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Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a site I recently joined. How it works is that members are given surveys to learn about new products. Upon completing a survey (even if you don't qualify for it!) you are given a certain amount of MarketPoints, which are convertable to cash. Once you reach 1000 MarketPoints, you can request a check which is equivilent to $50. Each survey is worth about 70 points, so it really doesn't take that long at all to reach the cash-out point. I personally have not made it there yet, but I know that they are infact a legit site. If you would like an invitation to this site, simply leave a comment with your e-mail address, and I will send it along to you.


hello i would like to join your website. from what i gathered about it it does intrest me and i am serious about the site. its always interesting to see new products and such. ( thats what the description of the site was so if im incorrect i apologize)
-austin freeman
my number is 1815-219-4714 i can text only
thank you