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Join HTMail's opt-in list

HTMail is a pay-to-read site that has one of the highest paying incentives that I've seen. What the site does is send to your e-mail information about a particular site. All you need to do is visit that site and then fill out a "feedback form" saying what you thought of the site. The feedback form takes maybe 30 seconds, and you are paid 10 cents each time you do that.

If you do decide to sign up, and want to recieve the 10 cents, be sure to click the very first link given to you in the e-mail. If you select the link that reads that you don't want to visit the advertiser's site, then you'll only recieve 1 cent. Just a heads up, because I made that mistake at first. :)

It sounds a bit confusing here from my explaination, but once you actually sign up you'll see how easy and profitable this site can really be.