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May Earnings

Hello everyone! It's been a pretty quick month here, alright for earnings. I got a pretty late start in the month with the websites, but I thought that every month we could all share what our earnings were. I know many of you did join the community until recently, but feel free to share anyway, it's a great way to keep track and interact with one another.

Additionally, I just also wanted to say don't be shy to share your thoughts on the different websites at their individual posts. Also, any questions that I have been asked that pertain to a particular website will be publicly answered on the comment section of the post, so be sure to check. Once again, thanks for joining! Onto the earnings!

May Earnings
Inbox Dollars:  $36.45
Cash Crate:  $15.67
Hits4Pay:  $11.15
Cash Lagoon:  $10.92
Global Test Market:  $5.50
AdBux:  $2.33

May Total:  $82.02
Not bad, and that's only including the websites that I've listed in the community so far. :)

Now it's your turn!



Inbox Dollars- $7.28
Hits4Pay-$10.24 (and thats with the 10 dollars free)

hopefully i can make more next month!