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Myster-E-Mail is not one of my more favorite sites, but it does have its good points. Like other pay to read sites, you recieve a certain amount of money for each e-mail you read that you recieve from them. The amount per e-mail is pretty low at only .0015 cents, but at any one point there is at least 300+ e-mails waiting for you (don't worry, you read the e-mails at the site, so they won't spam up your personal e-mail address). On the site, there are also advertisements that you can click to view that are worth 1 cent apiece.

The best part about this website is that there is no minimum amount needed to cash out, plus you don't even need to request your payment if you're using paypal. The owner of the website does random payouts each month (I've already been paid twice this month). While this site is not a huge earner, it's a great way to pass a boring afternoon, and of course get paid in the process.


Hi, I really like this blog. It's pretty informative and helpful in finding these kinds of sites. Will you still be updating? :D
I am actually on vacation right now, and am having a hard time finding time to update, but once I get home I will be updating the blog.

Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you are enjoying this blog! :D