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Moola is a website that features tournament model gameplay that allows people to attempt to win anywhere up to $10,000,000 playing addictive games against one another.

You start out with one penny and then play another player that has one penny. The winner gets both pennies and the loser must start from the one cent starting point once again. That two penny winner can then play against another person with two pennies and battle it out double or nothing for four pennies. This goes on until the player chooses to cash out, or reaches the $10,000,000 mark after only 30 rounds.

The game is absolutely free, and the pennies are given out by Moola and their sponsors. You can cash out your money at any point past $10, or keep playing and try to reach a higher point! The only catch to join this website is that you must be sent an invitation from a current member, but don't worry I have a bunch of invitations for anyone who would like them.

[Click here to request an invitation and join Moola!]


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I want an invite badly!
Absolutely! What e-mail address should I have the invite sent to?


i would like an invite

sounds great

Re: i would like an invite

Great! What e-mail address should I have it sent to?



Looking for an invite for Moola

Re: invitation

Awesome. What e-mail address should I have it sent to?


I would be interested in receiving an invite

I clicked on your link but it didn't send me anywhere but the same post. Thanks! Susan


Re: I would be interested in receiving an invite

My email address is sjsuarez@gmail.com


Invite request

I was wondering if you have an invite available to send to clkc872001@yahoo.com

Re: Invite request

It's been sent. Enjoy! :D



hi...i would like an invite. please send it to oceansunset317@aol.com...thanks!

Re: invite

Sent! Have fun! :D



hi my name is zach and i was wondering if you could send me an inviatation, this game sounds really cool. my email is emilbus07@yahoo.com i don't know if you need anything else

Re: Moola

The invite has been sent to your e-mail. Enjoy! :D


i would love an invitation. my e-mail is soccerqueen87@alloymail.com
Sent! Good luck and have fun!


want invite!

Please send me an invite to Moola. My emai is MoJo8963@yahoo.com thanks

Re: want invite!

Sent! Good luck and enjoy!


Please Send Invitation

I am new and do not have a login to this webiste. Please send invitation to Kelly_Lawson@hotmail.com

Re: Please Send Invitation

Invitation sent! Have fun.



I think this sounds interesting and that I would like to try this web site, could you send me and invitation to sugrace@houston.rr.com

Re: moola

Sent, enjoy!


2nd try

Please send an invite to: adstructio@gmail.com

Re: 2nd try

Invitation sent. Enjoy yourself!


I'd really love to join!

My email is hanaonawa@gmail.com
Thanks so much!

Re: I'd really love to join!

Sent! Sorry it took so long.


I would like an invitation!

My email is darialover87@sbcglobal.net.


Re: I would like an invitation!

Sent! Have fun!!


can i request an invitation for moola?

hi sir! as stated in the subject line.. =) my email is rayissaATlycos.com ..thanks so much!

Re: can i request an invitation for moola?

Sent! Have fun!!
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