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Welcome everyone to Websites that Pay! I hope that you find this community to be a valuable resource as you embark on the journey of making money and winning fabulous prizes on the internet.

Any questions, comments, or concerns may be left at this post. Additionally, any suggestions for websites that you know of that you think I should check out may be left here. Comments will be screened and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, don't be shy to leave your thoughts, opinions, and experiences with the sites you have joined on that website's post. It will be valuable for the other members!

Thank you!


thanks for that link, i checked it and it would be ok, but in the terms i saw that there can be a fee later, and i figured i'll just give a fake number if i want to sign up for something that requires a number!
thanks for your help though!

thankyou for using my referral link, you are my first referral (i guess i have much to learn about getting your referral links out there)

well i am starting to doubt AWsurveys, as said there was 6 surveys at the beginning, now having done those there does not seem to be more, and from what i'm guessing they only have new ones each month. so the trick is to get in many referrals i guess. i do think they pay though as i have seen reviews and payment proofs of people who got paid, it's just a little hard to reach the $75 cashout minimum.

oh and about your question, each referral earns you $1.25
i have been browsing sites all day and am tired, going to bed, but i will look at all your sites you recommend here tomorrow and choose one to sign up with, so you get a referral back from me :)
shame that moola is only for US residents!