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Winzy is a search engine that allows you to win free prizes just by using it to search the web. You’ll stand to win prizes such as iPod Nanos, $500 cash and Amazon gift certificates. It's similar to Blingo in a way, but read on to hear the differences.

There’s basically three ways to win with Winzy:
(1) By using the search engine at the right time of the day,

(2) By referring friends - If they search and win a specific prize, you’ll get the same prize as well. That means that, if your friend won an iPod Shuffle by using the search engine, you’ll automatically get one too.

(3) And lastly, by earning Winzy points (through searching and playing fun games), you are automatically entered into monthly drawings for a grand prize. The grand prize can range from a Nintendo Wii to $100,000 cash. Sound like fun?