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Websites That Pay

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Welcome to Websites That Pay!

I will be using this journal as my own
personally updated list of the best PAYING
websites on the net. Here at sites_that_pay,
I'll provide feedback, links, and reviews on the best
websites circling the information superhighway

I will only list websites that have paid me.
As you know, there's a lot of fake sites that
claim they will pay you, but never do. I have been
making money over the internet for a long time,so
I know the good, the bad, and the ugly.  If a site
has not paid me, you won't find it here.

I'm helping you save time, (because trust me, if you
have ever signed up for a bad site, you'll loose a lot
of energy, and only end up frustrated that you wasted
all of your time for absolutely nothing in return) and
preserve your mental health! I hope that I can not only
help you, but people in similar circumstances as myself.

It's so easy and simple!

What are you waiting for? Join sites_that_pay,
your #1 source to websites that, well... PAY!

I will gradually be adding more and more websites to this journal, so be sure to add it to your friend's page to keep up to date with the entries!

I have now realized that I cannot put the blog entries in any order I choose, so I have decided to create a community index here, to make things a little easier to find for everyone.

Community Index

Community Posts
  • Getting Started / FAQ

    Pay to Read
    Pay to read websites are those that generally pay you to read e-mails, special offers, advertisements, and others of the sort.

Pay to Sign Up
Pay to sign up sites pay you when you sign up for free offers.

Pay to Click
Pay to click websites are those that pay you for clicking on particular links at their website.

Pay to Participate
Pay to participate websites pay you to take part in surveys or try out products.

Pay to Search
Pay to search websites give you chances to win prizes when using their search engines.

Pay to Play
Pay to pay websites pay you to play the games that they offer.